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    Hello friends, From now on, i will be sharing my reviews about latest games on this blog. Hope you will like them as you liked my previous blogs before. Lets get started today with brand new Gardenscapes game.

    Create Wonderful Garden With Gardenscapes Game Features

    The very first thing to play the game effectively is to understand your mission. Enter the game and you’ve Austin, your butler showing you that the magnificent mansion is still in great shape. But on the other hand, the lush garden has been forlorn and abandoned for a lot of time now and needs work. It has been Austin’s dream to restore the garden with which he has a lot of fond memories and traces his lineage as well. You come to the picture and help him realize his dream. You plant trees and flowers, build tree-house, unearth emeralds and keep up the trimming work. The game is your ideal relief from in-app purchases.


    Harvesting the concept of gardenscapes game


    For such a simple and binding concept, I found that this game is filled to the brim with sheer content. As I leveled up, I interacted mainly with my butler, Austin throughout the game. But, as you progress, you will definitely meet and unlock a throng of new characters whom you can recruit for complete tasks in the garden. I was very surprised to find a Facebook-style or mode news feed app. I could read conversations between the characters here. It included posts shared between Austin and his family. I found these posts to be particularly hilarious. You can use the guides to skip many levels.


    Fulfilling his dream of gardening


    In a pursuit to make his dream attainable, the butler focuses all your efforts on particular sections of the large garden one at a time. He breaks every segment down into a plethora of tasks. Majority of these tasks are quite obvious. They are adding benches, planting shrubs and fixing a broken mountain, but some will surface as you progress. You’ll see that the fountain may also flood while you fix it or you might also uncover a beetle infestation while patching that tree-house.


    Moving forth with tasks


    Austin comes to update you, adding tasks as required when new ideas or problems arise. It creates a dynamic world full of both good and bad surprises. They are however satisfyingly discernible and resolvable, so to speak. Talking about restoration of the garden, it’s essentially a simple design or building simulator. It’s supported by the remaining half of the game, which are the match-3 levels. To complete all garden tasks, players need to spend their stars. These are simple tasks ranging from bench installations to more involved tasks like tree-house building. The former needs only one start while the layer requires two to three stars. You can earn the starts by beating match-3 stages or one star in each level. You can store and save them as a task-completing cognizance or currency. You can also use the gardenscapes tricks in this regard.


    The match-3 levels


    The match-3 stages in the game are fairly standard or customary for the genre. The differently shaped boards challenge you to complete various tasks that range from collecting a specific amount of tiles to getting and dropping items from atop the board to right to the bottom. Renowned producers Playrix has indeed done a phenomenal job by keeping the match-3 levels on a thematic point. However, they have filled up the content with garden-appropriate and garden-specific tiles like apples and leaves, objects like garden gnomes and lemonade, and obstacles like flowerboxes and dirt.


    Your tasks here


    The boards are lovely and colorful to look at. They contain large puzzle fragments that entail a gratifying and absorbing tactility when you move them. You also earn power-ups by making matches with four or more types of increasingly potent forms of explosives. They range from small, moderate, immediate blasts to massively satisfying and extreme board-wiping explosions or eruptions.